What if church was simple?

Are you 'done' with the same ol' routine'?

Longing for a deeper connection with others, and with Jesus?

Imagining a Vibrant Traditional or Home Church experience?



Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to see vibrant families of Jesus within a stones throw of every person living in Ireland.

Our Mission Statement

To equip Irish people and those who call Ireland their home, of all generations and religious backgrounds, to simply be joy-filled and Jesus-Led Communities of Practice, connected deeply to each other across our land.

"Mura bhfuil creideamh i do croí, ní féidir aon ní ."

"Without faith in your heart, you can do nothing."

With LK10, you can...

-Learn how to rejuvenate existing, or start a new simple Church Communities that are Jesus-Led and Joy-Fueled.

-Connect with other people here in Ireland as well as globally, who have the same desire and passion for simple, deeply connected mature Church  Community.

LK10 Works. In Any Context.


Church Planting


House Church

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Traditional Church

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